On the 1st visit you will need:

1. Insurance Card

2. List of Medications that you currently take – if any.

3. New Patient Packet (Form is fillable online. Fill out online or print and fill out, if possible )

What happens:

1. When you arrive, please see the receptionist. They will have you sign in and complete the new patient paperwork if you haven’t done so already.  Once the room is ready, a nurse will call you in.

2. In the patient room, you will change into some stylish shorts we provide to get a better look at your legs.

3. The nurse will start a short video in the room that explains the procedure.

4. A nurse will come in to provide further education and answer any questions you might have about the procedure.

5.  Following the video , one of our trained ultrasound technicians will perform a diagnostic ultrasound – schedule permitting. If not we will schedule you an appointment for an initial Ultrasound.

6. Next, Dr. Morgan will go over the results with you, explain the treatment plan, and answer any additional questions you might have.

7. If treatment is necessary and you decide to do it, we will request approval from your insurance which can take 2-4 weeks for most insurance companies.

8. Once approval is obtained from your insurance provider, we will call you and schedule an appointment for your 1st procedure.

How long will this visit take:

If we care able to perform the diagnostic ultrasound on your initial visit, it could take 1.5-2 hours. If you are not doing an ultrasound, you could expect to be in our office around an hour.

New Patient Form