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Spider Veins

Spider Veins

Spider veins, also known as telagiectasias, are small thin vessels that lie close to the surface of the skin.
Found in millions of adults across the country, this common condition is one of the many vascular disorders Dr. Peter Morgan can correct.

Although these superfine veins are connected with the larger venous system, they are not an essential part of it. Spider Veins have 3 patterns:

  • “Spider shape” with a group of veins radiating outward from a dark central point
  • “Arborizing” which resemble tiny branch-like shapes
  • “Linear” which appear in thin separate lines

Causes of Spider Veins

Spider veins are commonly found on the legs and face and may be spider-shaped, branch-shaped, or appear as thin, short jagged lines. As people age, more leg veins seem to appear. The three primary causes of spider veins are:
  • Heredity: If other people in your family suffer from spider veins, you are more likely to develop them over time as well.
  • Pregnancy: During pregnancy, hormonal shifts often cause poor blood circulation, leading to spider vein growth.
  • Prolonged sitting or standing: If your occupation or lifestyle entails standing up or sitting down for long periods of time, then increased venous pressure may cause spider veins.

What happens during spider vein treatment?

Sclerotherapy requires no anesthesia and is usually performed in an outpatient setting. Two or more sessions, each lasting less than an hour, are usually required to obtain optimal results.

The treatment

A common method of treating spider veins in the legs and ankles is with sclerotherapy. In this treatment, sclerosing solution is injected into each affected vein, causing the vein to collapse and fade from view.

Although everyone is different, you can generally expect to receive one injection for every inch of spider vein that is treated. Bright light and magnification may be used to ensure maximum precision while the skin is held taut to inject sclerosing solution. A cotton ball and compression tape is often applied to each injection site as it is finished.

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